Garlic Festival:

Saturday 31st August

After a long and fruitful summer in the gardens it is traditional to celebrate with a harvest banquet. In that tradition the Bonavista Social Club will celebrate its 2nd Annual Garlic Festival.

This years Garlic Festival will be an afternoon and evening event celebrating the summers harvest from the gardens. The menus central theme will of course be our garlic crop which this year promises to be the biggest ever in Upper Amherst Cove. The main variety we grow is a bulb that has been grown on the Bonavista peninsula for at least 50 years. This year we are also growing garlic varieties from St. John’s, NL and Ontario.

In the afternoon there will be a garden tour and talk with Ross Traverse and also an informal Yoga session overlooking the ocean. Around these events we will provide a garlic themed lunch.

All day there will be an aroma of a pig roasting in the wafting around the cove. And when the sun begins to descend over Blackhead Bay the pig will be raised from its earthy oven and will form the centerpiece of the evening meal.

After the meal there will be some live music to round off the evening.

Tickets: $100 (tax and gratuity included)<

Tickets are strictly limited. Contact us now to reserve your tickets