The Bread Oven used at the Bonavista Social Club is the Le Panyol 180 manufactured in France by Le Panyol and distributed in North America by Maine Wood Heat. The Le Panyol oven was chosen because of its many unique features. The clay used in the oven is made of 100% “Terre Blanche” a clay consisting of kaolin and feldspar. The “Terre Blanche” has unique insulative properties which requires ½ to ¼ of the fuel required by other ovens. The Bonavista Social Club uses Newfoundland grown Silver Birch and White Birch to heat the oven

The oven was constructed by Martin Palmer a mason from St John’s. The red bricks used on the facing of the oven were collected from old buildings in St John’s. The oven is a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of Martin.


• Whole Wheat
• Multigrain
• Three Seed
• Wild Rice and Onion
• Baguette
• Rustiq
• Sourdough
• Rye Sourdough
• Walnut and Raisin Sourdough
• Bagels
• Violet Brown’s Raisin Molasses Bread
• Plain Foccacia
• Cheese and Onion Foccacia